6 Spiked coffee cocktails worth trying for the Christmas holiday

Coffee Cocktails

6 Spiked coffee cocktails worth trying for the Christmas holiday

What happens when caffeine and alcohol get together? Then your coffee flavor will be evolved into Coffee Cocktails. Coffee cocktails are some of the tastiest mixtures between bittersweet coffee and sweet liqueur that will have you buzzing. That is why they are a perfect treat for a good brunch, an afternoon pick-me-up or dessert.

Now, you don’t need to go out to try a new coffee cocktail or work as a professional barista. This blog will reveal the top 6 of the most inventive twists on classic coffee cocktails for you to make at home.

First, something you can prepare in advance for all of your coffee cocktails recipes:

Step 1: Brew your own espresso/cold brew

The first ingredient that cannot miss in coffee cocktails is, of course, coffee. If you want a hot coffee cocktail, a hot espresso is a good base to start. If you want to create some iced coffee cocktail recipe, brew the coffee with cold water now, and a French press of cold brew will be ready for iced cocktails in the next 12 hours.

But to make this experience perfect, you need high-quality coffee beans. The great beans will give you a wonderful coffee with the full flavor, rich aroma, and smooth taste. Here are some suggestions for your fresh coffee.

Step 2: Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is a needed ingredient for your coffee cocktails. Just whip it up and your perfect topping is ready. My top secret to make an amazing whipped cream is to use heavy cream so that its rich and thick taste will match so well with the bittersweet taste of coffee cocktails. Some suggestions to shop the whipped cream:

Ok, the main ingredient is ready. Now let’s start to discover the 8 spiked coffee cocktails that have you hooked:

1. Espresso Martini

A glass of Espresso Martini Coffee Cocktail garnished with some coffee beans
A glass of Espresso Martini to wake up your new day

Espresso Martini is well-known as a dangerous coffee cocktail with the strong flavor of dark espresso and vodka. Kahlua’s complete richness complements the bittersweet coffee nicely. When you add vodka to the mix, you get a rich, full-flavored cocktail that is much more than the sum of its components. Watch out: making this coffee cocktail is a piece of cake. Just shake Kahlua liqueur, Vodka, and warm espresso, and then done. Super easy right? It is so effortless to make a perfect espresso martini for your lazy evening dessert.

2. Cold-brew Irish coffee cocktail

Cold brew Irish Coffee Cocktail
Cold-brew Irish Coffee Cocktail

Irish Coffee is one of the most popular coffee cocktails in the world. But let’s taste it in a new fresh way. Why not change your espresso to cold brew? You have a perfect cold brew from last night, Irish whiskey, and a fluffy whipped cream for a creamy topping. Just put them all like the way you make the traditional Irish coffee. But here is my top secret to make the same taste of Cold brew Irish coffee cocktails as Starbucks. Add maple syrup instead of brown sugar. It’s cool, frothy, and just sweet enough. And if you don’t want to get a little drunk and enjoy an Irish coffee cocktail at work, just heat the whiskey or liqueur, the alcohol will be evaporated but the bittersweet will stay the same.

3. Dirty White Russian

a glass of Dirty White Russian cocktail
A glass of Dirty White Russian cocktail

Turning your old-fashioned white Russian into a boozy iced latte will up your game significantly. You can find the creaminess mixed with the sweetness of this coffee cocktail will be a good treat after a busy day. The different point here is using New Amsterdam vodka instead of the Russian classic one. The light bittersweet taste will work so perfectly with whipped cream for women. Just 2 minutes to make and couldn’t be easier than just shaking all of the ingredients (coffee, coffee liqueur, and vodka) in one shaker.

4. Gingerbread Rum coffee cocktail.

Gingerbread Rum coffee cocktail for Christmas holiday
Gingerbread Rum coffee cocktail for Christmas party

What could be better choices than Gingerbread Rum Coffee cocktails in the Christmas holiday? This smooth espresso and gingerbread drink is ideal for chilly days to warm up your body– or as a cheeky, boozy dessert alternative. This coffee cocktail not only gives you more energy but also warms you up and enjoy the relaxing fresh coffee. Anna of the coffee desk will give a great inspirational recipe to make your magical Christmas coffee cocktails.

5. Baileys cocktails

A glass of Baileys coffee cocktail
A glass of Baileys coffee cocktail

If your party needs some quick and easy-to-make coffee cocktails recipe. Let’s try Bailey cocktails. Baileys Is well – known to perfectly pair with coffee. This recipe will enhance your festive vibe with chocolate shavings for extra indulgence.

6. Dalgona coffee martini

Fluffy Dalgona coffee martini coffee cocktail
Fluffy Dalgona coffee martini coffee cocktail

Have you ever tried this viral Tiktok trend? This beverage trend has gone viral on social media for a while and still hasn’t stopped. Dalgona is from Southern Korea. It is simply the combination between milk and the fluffy goodness of instant coffee with sugar. Now Popsugar upgrades the game with Dalgona coffee martini version. This coffee cocktail is really easy to make. Just change the milk by the mixture of Baileys Irish Cream and Vodka. And tada, you got one beautiful Dalgona coffee martini for your evening cocktails spin. No worries about this new recipe, because the fluffy goodness of coffee is here to stay.

I hope these coffee cocktails will inspire you and be a special part of your party. There is nothing better than pampering yourself with a nice cup of coffee cocktails to wake up all of your scents and boost your energy. With 6 different coffee cocktails, you can try different tastes and choose the best one, no matter what your coffee or liquor preferences may be. If you want to get more recipes, discover here

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