Baileys Irish Creamer 101

The perfect combination with Baileys Irish Cream for Winter

Baileys Irish Creamer 101

The winter is about to knock on the door, the temperature starts changing its magnitude, step by step getting colder. It’s a good time to start switching out the fruity drinks for something creamy and a drink with rich Irish cream is always a perfect choice. A glass of Baileys Irish creamer is an ideal choice for a cozy winter night together with the beloved. If you are not sure what Irish creamer is or need some ideas to make the best out of this drink, then this article is for you.

Irish Creamer? What is it?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the ingredients that come together to form this awesome drink. As you might already know, just by looking at its name, Irish Creamer is a combination between cream and Irish whiskey liqueur. A special emulsifier is added to mix the mentioned two components together. You can taste the flavorings such as coffee, chocolate, or vanilla The choice of flavor, the combination of flavors, or how strong the liquor would be varying between brands.

Here comes a good question, which brands to choose? Well, there are loads of brands out there, the choice might differ, depending on various aspects. However, Baileys Irish Liqueur is standing out, to be among the most famous Irish Creamers brands. Of course, there are reasons for its popularity.

Baileys in a nutshell

Baileys Irish Coffee Creamer with snacks
Baileys Irish Coffee Creamer

Baileys Irish Creamer was the first Irish cream liqueur hitting the market in 1973. Since Baileys Irish cream’s appearance, there were claims that Baileys Irish cream is unrivaled by any other cream liqueurs, thanks to its richness-creamy and the perfect combination of honey and vanilla flavors. The Baileys Irish creamer’s popularity is undeniable, showing in numbers. According to TheDrinkBusiness, 82 million bottles of Irish Cream from Baileys being sold yearly in more than 160 countries. This 48-years-old Irish cream brand is valued at £1.6 billion at retail while all cream liqueurs are valued at £3.5 billion.

Coffee with Baileys Irish Sweetener

Baileys Irish Creamer being used as a special sweetener

Baileys Irish Creamer being used as a special sweetener and mixed with coffee

This is a very straightforward way to enjoy this special Irish Creamer. Just brew your own coffee, the stronger, the better. If you are in a hurry, then instant coffee would still work. Add some sugar or Whiskey (optional) to your coffee then decorate on top of your coffee with some Irish Cream brought you by Baileys. Leave it somewhere cool or add just some cubes of ice.

If you wish to explore more options about making coffee with Bailey Irish Coffee, you may find it interesting looking at here

The fruity Irishman

Coffee with vanilla Baileys Irish Creamer

A glass of coffee with vanilla Baileys Irish Creamers

If you are a fan of ice cream and fruit, then this is for you. Chocolate, vanilla are standard choices but feel free to be creative. Get some chocolate chip, peanut butter, or cookies. Baileys Irish cream goes well with these toppings. Think out of the box!

Blend your Baileys Irish Creamer with the cream of your choice with some milkshake. Don’t forget to add fruits to this mixture. Then, top your drink with whipped cream and some mentioned topping

Irish Cream Chocolatini

Chocolate Baileys Irish Creamer coffee

Chocolate Baileys Irish Creamer Coffee

This is the perfect cocktail for chocolate lovers. Mix 75ml of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur with 25ml Vodka and some chocolate syrup into the shaker, add some cubes of ice. Shake it until it turns into a smooth and creamy mixture. Bon appétit!

If you want to get more ideas about making cocktails with Baileys Irish Creamer, you may want to look at it here.

Above are just some basic suggestions to nurture your ideas on how to get started with Baileys Irish Cream.

Quick Q&A about Baileys Irish Creamer

Q: Where can I buy the authentic Baileys Irish Creamer?

No need to find any different store. Official Baileys store is available now on Amazon.

Q: How much alcohol is in Baileys Irish Creamer?

This differs depending on the brand. Normally, Irish Cream alcohol content is 15% to 20%. Baileys Irish Cream is somewhere in between, around 17%.

Q: How can I store ?

Irish cream is very creamy-rich and consists of sugar. You should store it the proper way especially after opening the bottle. The alcohol in this Irish Whitener serves as a natural preservative. Putting your Baileys Irish Creamer bottle in the fridge is a good way to store it.

Q: How long does Baileys Irish Creamer last?

When Baileys Irish Creamer has been opened, it can be kept for 2 years. However, due to the volatile properties of alcohol, the quality will decline. For this reason, 6-12 months is the best time to keep a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream at its best taste.

Q: Can I make my Irish Creamer?

In short, yes. But would be very hard to get to the same level as Baileys Irish Creamer. Still, you can DIY your own.

Final thoughts

Baileys Irish Creamer is a perfect choice for those who enjoy the creamy, sweet taste. From my personal view, this is not only acceptable but also expected as a morning treat on holidays. Not better than pampering yourself with a glass of Baileys Irish Cream coffee after your hard-working days. Christmas is coming. Why not try to create your own homemade Bailey Irish Creamer recipes at home now.

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