Best skincare tips with Matcha

The benefits of match on skincare

Best skincare tips with Matcha

Before you jump into the article, you should realize you have to take care from the deep inside to have healthy skin. Luckily for you, you can use matcha as a skin balance regulator or an external protective cosmetic product.

What are the reasons that make matcha skincare from the inside?

We are all convinced that a body with stable blood circulation will help each person’s appearance become bright and full of energy. According to Tenzo, matcha contains low levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol) in high levels. This ratio helps to eliminate the cause of atherosclerosis – a condition that leads to clogged arteries, heart attacks, or strokes. Having a smooth circulatory system improves many health and skin problems.

In addition, matcha is grown in the shade, so the percentage of chlorophyll is higher than regular tea. The specific growing method has enhanced the detoxifying ability of matcha for the body. Zengreentea mentions that matcha can reduce sebum production (acne-causing fatty acids). Along with the ability above, matcha helps treat acne when you consume them properly.

Because using matcha in powder form, they deliver 137 times more antioxidants than tea leaves. Matcha also provides catechins and vitamins. With a serving of tea, you’ve made your body more warriors against free radicals that damage skin cells. Eliminating these cells that damage the system will prevent cell degeneration and premature aging.

Last but not least important, matcha can prevent skin cancer. This tea contains the highest concentration of EGCG of any substance. EGCG repairs UV-damaged cells, stimulates death on unrepairable cells, blocks tumor promoters, and stimulates tumor destruction.

Matcha good for meditation

How effective are matcha skincare products?

  • Besides using matcha as a drink, this powder also has an equally popular application as a mask material.
  • With anti-inflammatory ingredients (especially EGCG), matcha reduces redness from acne. A natural mask from matcha is gentle enough to adapt to acne conditions.
  • Matcha helps to rejuvenate your skin. Mask made from this powder helps remove dead cells and regenerate skin cells, making the skin more elastic and youthful.
  • The two best effects of matcha mentioned at the beginning also contribute to this mask turning into a cosmetic treasure. It is resistant to UV rays and prevents skin aging. You will look great after using the matcha mask.
  • The tannin in matcha shrink pores and limit the oil secretion of the skin. Acne will no longer be your obsession.

Five ways to make a matcha mask

The following natural masks all have the same usage: apply on a clean face for about 15 minutes and then rinse with plain water. You can check the ingredients and uses of each mask in the list below:


Adding matcha powder (2 tsp) with rosewater and lavender essential oil (optional).

Are you ready for a bright and clear skin ?

Matcha mask skincare with toner
Matcha mask with coconut oil

Coconut oil

Just by adding matcha powder (2 tsp) with coconut oil and rose essential oil (optional)

This will help you to revive dull and tired skin and smooth out fine lines


Have you ever heard about the tips for matcha skincare with milk?

Let’s mix matcha powder (2 tsp) with milk and half of teaspoon honey. No worries about the dryness in the winter or irritation or sunburnt skin in the summer.

This is a perfect skincare secret for you in all seasons

Skin treatment with milk
The skin mask from coffee and matcha


Mix coffee with matcha? Sound a bit strange right? But wait and believe me. This skin mask is the best choice for anyone who wants to detox and scrub. Your dirt and dead skin cells will be removed properly and the suppleness from matcha and coffee will be added. Especially, the caffeine in the matcha and coffee is a wonderful element to brighten up your skin after scrubs. You can discover more about the benefits of caffeine in matcha and coffee here.

You can easily make it by adding matcha powder (2 tsp) with ground coffee bean (1 tsp) and yogurt


A Korean glowy skin is not hard to have when you try this tip. Yogurt has been well known as an amazing factor to brighten, more glowing skin with tighter pores for a long time.

Let’s make this mask with matcha powder (1 tsp) with Greek yogurt (1 tbsp)

Matcha with yogurt to brighten up your skin

So, I hope you can get some tips to make your skin prettier with the antioxidant element – matcha. Let’s make these and leave me some feedback on how your skin is better. Discover more with Coffee and Tea breaks to gain more useful tips.

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