Cold Brew with your French Press Coffee Maker

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Cold Brew with your French Press Coffee Maker

All coffee lovers probably agree when I say that a cold brew is the best way to start your hot summer day. And there is no reason to not skip the line at your local coffee shops (internal link) and try to make this delicious coffee treat yourself at home with all the tools you have at home. Addition: Add a little bit of almond milk to your cold brew if you fancy that little extra smoothness, even though the cold brew is a drink that is smooth on its own.

Step 1: Cold Brew Set-Up – French Press

Take your favourite, freshly grinded coffee (internal link) and put it into your French Press (Take a look at some of the French Press that you can buy (Amazon French Press)). Add around 1 later of water to around 150-250 grams of coffee depending on how strong you like your cold brew coffee. Don’t forget to take care of you ice cubes (ice cube form link shop) after you have set-up your cold brew set-up for your French Press.

Step 2: Let the French Press sit with your cold brew

Now, all you do is wait for your freshly made cold brew to sit and get all those flavourful aromas from your coffee. You should let it rest for around 8-12 hours in order for the cold brew to get really strong and smooth.

Step 3: Press it down

After letting it resting for around 8-12 hours, press your French Press down.

Step 4: Enjoy your homemade cold brew in your French Press

Add your ice cubes to your cold brew and add a little bit of regular, almond or any other milk you like if you want. Then: Enjoy your cold brew from your French Press!

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