Matcha and its health benefits, what is the truth?


Matcha and its health benefits, what is the truth?

Before learning about the benefits of matcha, let’s take a look at what matcha is? And where does it come from?

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a powder from the process of finely grinding young green tea leaves. Firstly, green tea plants that are grown and nurtured specifically in the shade produce higher levels of caffeine than regular plants. Then, people in East Asia remove the stem and leaf veins. Finally, they use traditional processing to create matcha powder. Therefore, matcha benefits differ from those of other teas due to the difference in quality and texture.

So, the origin of matcha is East Asian?

Originating from the need for long-term storage of tea leaves, the ancient Chinese people steamed and ground them into powder. After that, they stored and sold the powdered tea balls popularly during the Tang Dynasty. Until 1297, they whisk the powder tea in hot water and then enjoy. Above all, this practice is so widespread that it has become a Buddhist ritual.

Eisai was the one who brought Zen Buddhism and matcha processing methods to Japan. Since then, the interest and consumption of matcha have skyrocketed globally. The ancient ritual has been masterfully applied to become a Japanese tea ceremony.

What are the matcha health benefits?

There are many reasons why matcha has become such an influential and widespread ingredient around the world. Not to mention the taste and ability to transform into a variety of drinks, matcha’s benefits are proven and form a healthy pattern of enjoyment. So the benefits of matcha are:

  • Antioxidant supplement

The antioxidants in tea have long been known as catechins. They help stabilize harmful cells, reducing the likelihood of chronic diseases. Thanks to the powdery texture, matcha has a superior ability to deliver antioxidants. According to a study (sourced from, the concentration of catechins in matcha tea is at least three times higher than in all other teas.

  • Liver support

As a result of healing studies on rats, matcha benefits the liver. Specifically, matcha reduces the levels of liver glucose and total cholesterol. Thereby inhibiting the accumulation of AGEs in the kidneys, providing resistance to damage to the liver and kidneys.

  • Strengthen the brain

In a study of brain performance, researchers found that there was a difference between the matcha group and the placebo group. In conclusion, matcha has improved brain reflexes, memory, and concentration.

  • Cancer prevention

As mentioned above, the catechins found in matcha help stabilize harmful cells, thereby reducing the risk of damaging important cells. In addition, the benefits of matcha are also reducing the size and growth of cancer cells.

  • Cardiovascular protection

Not only for matcha but green tea in general also offers cardiovascular benefits. They help lower levels of triglycerides and prevent oxidation of LDL – the major cause of heart health problems.

The author’s words

To sum up, matcha’s health benefits are proven by numerous studies. Thanks to its powdered texture, matcha offers more health benefits than regular green tea. Therefore, matcha tea will become a solid armor for your health. Click here to discover more about matcha

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