The Best Coffee Machines You Can Get

Best coffee machines

The Best Coffee Machines You Can Get

Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes, and each with its brewing method. For example, one coffee machine is better suited to brewing whole pots of coffee; and another for brewing the tastiest milk specialties. Of course, it is therefore important to purchase the best coffee machine for your needs.

There is something for everyone, as you can see from the top 5 below. For example, I chose the Sage the Orcale Touch as our king of coffee machines.

The 5 best coffee machines at a glance

Please note! This is a temporary offer and will only be available while stocks last.

What kind of machines are there?

In your search for a new coffee machine, you will probably come across all kinds of different coffee machines. If you haven’t already, you can assume that you will.

To get you started a little bit and prepare you for the variety that will be covered here, I’ve created a quick overview.

  • Filter coffee maker. We all remember these: the coffee flows into a large pot via the filter. There is a distinction between an “old school” model and an electric model, where, for example, the temperature can be changed.
  • Espresso machines. These can be found in various forms, such as:
    • Fully automatic machines, in which the machine independently makes beans into a cup of coffee.
    • Semi-automatic, where you still have to do a few things yourself (for example, fill a piston with ground coffee and tighten it).
  • Slow coffee methods.
    • Percolators
    • Cafetières
    • Chemex
    • Moka pot
    • AeroPress
    • Syphon
    • Cold brew

I won’t go into detail about all the different types of brewing methods, but this overview will hopefully give you an idea of how vast the world of coffee machines is!

Therefore, it is not surprising that not all types of coffee machines are mentioned in this top 5. What is the best coffee machine is of course a matter of preference and taste!

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