Top 3 Best Coffees for the French Press

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Top 3 Best Coffees for the French Press

Every coffee lovers biggest question: What is the best coffee? The answer: It depends. It depends on you personal preferences as well as on the method of brewing.

Here, we are looking at three very good options for coffees to use for the French Press (internal link) and some additional tips for grinding and shopping it.

Grinding coffee for French Press

The best coffee to use for your French Press are freshly and properly grinded (internal link) coffee beans. In the best case you use your coffee grinder at home to get the most fresh coffee you can imagine.

Alternatively you can ask you local coffee shop to grind your bought beans there and they will know the right settings for you to get your perfect coffee for your French Press.

Support your local coffee shop

Coffee is all about culture and support. The coffee already tastes 100x better if you know that the beans are ecologically sourced and the workers are paid properly. Therefore always check with your local coffee supplier if the beans are certified.

Best coffees for French press

Here we will show you our top three coffees for the French Press in Hamburg:

  1. El Paraiso from Public Coffee Roasters
    Creamy, soft body with aromas of sweet peach and Darjeeling. (
  2. Colombia Finca Guayacanes from Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei
    Our Colombia “Finca Guayacanes” awaits you with aromas of fresh hazelnut, brown sugar and whole wheat cookie. In the finish, it surprises with a lasting fruity taste of pomegranate. ( c=11)
  3. Honduras Cosma Bio from Nordcoast Coffee
    The COMSA Bio has a pleasant spiciness, floral acidity and a full-bodied, chocolaty body.
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