Top 5 Best French Press for Tea

Top 5 best French Press for tea

Top 5 Best French Press for Tea

A French press is an excellent alternative if you want to produce a tasty, full-bodied cup of coffee and tea at home but don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment. Have you ever brewed a fresh cup of tea but only to see particles floating about in it?

So it is time to invest in a good French press for your daily tea. Follow me to get inspired by the top 5 best French Press for tea.

What features that I look for to rank the best French Press for tea


You should invest in a model large enough to let the tea fully unfurl and develop in the hot water. Using a French Press is the good alternatives for your small tea receptacles. So why do you have to buy a small and confine space?


A good French press is built of high-quality materials. In a French press, a glass container is highly desirable, and many claim that a glass carafe gives a “cleaner” flavor than stainless steel or plastic.


They are two important factors of a French Press as it helps you to filter out leaves and to halt the tea from steeping.

What is the best French Press for tea in 2021?

1. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

The first rank of best French Press for tea and coffee
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This French Press gets a vast five-star Amazon rating, which makes it become the first ranking in our best French Press for tea making. It’s inexpensive, with high-quality materials, and will last for years. The press is available in three sizes, ranging from a single-serve 12-ounce model to a massive 51-ounce model. BPA-free polypropylene is used for the base and handle.  They use heat–resistant borosilicate glass from Germany for making Carafe. The plunger is composed of stainless steel.

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2. ONEISALL French Press Coffee Maker

Oneisall is BPA free safe material with 18/8 stainless steel. This will brighten and shine your coffee and tea press without rust. They use thicker borosilicate glass for the beaker and handle. So, you can pour the boiling water or ice cube safely.

The unique point of this French Press is 4-level filtration systems, which help to minimize the amount of ground or leaves leaking into coffee and tea. Oneisall will be a perfect choice for you to get a cup of brewed coffee without grounds and a smooth taste.

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ONEISALL French Press Coffee Maker
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3. KONA French Press Coffee Maker

KONA French Press Coffee Maker
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The Kona French press is one of the more cheap and well-reviewed Amazon choices. The coffee maker features a trendy plastic construction that protects your hands from hot glass. The glass is also resistant to chips and breaks, making this type a long-lasting solution for people with a more hectic kitchen.

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4. Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

This French press has the same style as the classic enamel-finished Dutch oven in your kitchen. This Le Creuset stoneware press is stain, chip, odor, and fracture-resistant, making it a superb long-lasting coffee pot alternative. Many of Le Creuset’s iconic hues, such as Marseille and Flame, are also available in the French press.

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Le Creuset Stoneware French Press
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5. ESPRO P7 French Press 

ESPRO P7 French Press 
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With long-lasting heat retention until an hour and a sleek design, this is one of the best French presses you can find.

The innovative double micro-filter, unlike other presses, keeps your cup exceptionally clear of grit and sludge; no sip is wasted. This Espro French press is at the top of the pricing scale. A double-walled stainless steel carafe, two microfilters, and a silicone lip that provides a vacuum seal inside the container are all included in the press. The seal stops the extraction process, allowing you to enjoy your coffee as you like throughout the morning. The French press is available in two sizes and three colors: polished, matte black, and white.

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I hope this review of French Press for tea will inspire you to find your best product. If you want to know more about how to make the best cold brew or tea with French Press, feel free to follow us here. Leave your comments if you find any other French Press.

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