Top 8 ready-to-drink matcha extracts you will love

Top 8 ready-to-drink matcha extracts that you will love

Top 8 ready-to-drink matcha extracts you will love

People usually know matcha in powder form. To enjoy a drink from it, they must follow a proper preparation process. In some situations that do not allow a thorough process, ready-to-drink matcha extracts will be a good choice.

I created a list of matcha beverage products that have received good feedback for taste and quality on Amazon. You can see correlation comparisons on the star rating of each product, which I source directly from the sales page.

1. Matcha Love Green Tea Unsweetened

Matcha Love Green Tea Unsweetened
4.5/5 stars

Brand name: Matcha LOVE

Is a reputable canned drink in the market for nearly 20 years and produced by Ito En (North America) Inc. With clean and fresh matcha extract, the unsweetened Matcha Love range of green teas closely follows the inherent flavor of a traditional cup of matcha tea. This product helps you instantly enjoy the soothing refreshment of matcha tea wherever you are on the go.

Taste: vegetal, slightly bitter, and sweet aftertaste.

2. ITO EN Oi Ocha Matcha Green Tea

ITO EN Oi Ocha Matcha Green Tea
4.7/5 stars

Brand name: Ito En

Another product from Ito En is the Oi Ocha matcha green tea line. This product focuses on the aroma and taste of a freshly brewed Japanese (Kyusu) teapot. Waking up in you a sense of clarity like starting a new day is the goal that Oi Ocha wants to bring. The product has a pure sweet taste created from Japanese tea leaves that will make you want to share it with all your loved ones.

Taste: vegetal, lightly sweet, and fragrant with a warm tea aroma.

3. Moontower Matcha Green Tea

Moontower Matcha Green Tea
4/5 stars

Brand name: Moontower

It is the only matcha extract drink that the Moontower company releases on Amazon. The product brings the full range of health benefits of matcha tea leaves and is friendly to everyone. Proud of the quality cultivation process, Moontower asserts that Moontower Matcha green tea provides enough natural caffeine to keep users awake without causing restlessness for users.

Taste: full umami taste, not sweet.

4. ITO EN Oi Ocha Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea

 ITO EN Oi Ocha Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea
4.7/5 stars

Brand name: Ito En

This time the product from Ito En focuses on pure matcha tea flavor with 0 calories, no sweeteners, or sugar. Oi Ocha Cold Brew Matcha green tea product uses a cold brewing method to keep tea leaves intact and fresh. Following consistent standards of production, this drink is the key to good health and mental well-being.

Taste: umami, fresh, and not sweet.

5. Matcha Love Organic Matcha and Green Tea, Ginger

Matcha Love Organic Matcha and Green Tea, Ginger
4.6/5 stars

Brand name: Matcha LOVE

This product belongs to the modern production line of Ito En company. A little break from the traditional taste of ancient ceremonial matcha teas, “Matcha Love Organic Matcha and Green Tea, Ginger” features a gentle blend of three key ingredients. While green tea helps increase the available strength of the matcha drink, ginger creates a warm welcome to help users feel comfortable and relaxed.

Taste: rich, slightly bitter, a bit of spice and umami.

6. GURU Plant-Based Matcha Energy Drink 

GURU Plant-Based Matcha Energy Drink 
4.3/5 stars

Brand name: Guru

Guru creates a product that stands out among matcha extract beverages. With a dynamic style, this matcha energy drink brings an old taste closer to the new age. Guru affirms the quality of matcha well packed with energy mineral water and organic sweeteners. Besides, ginseng ingredient is also added to provide the user with the most natural energy.

Taste: fresh matcha with light ginger and lemon flavors.

7. Matcha Love Green Tea Sweetened

Love Green Tea Sweetened
4.7/5 stars

Brand name: Matcha LOVE

As one of the best-selling products of Ito En company, Matcha Love sweet green tea provides users with perfect energy with favorable taste. The product is a combination of traditional matcha tea with the mild sweetness of pure cane sugar. Users will no longer be afraid of the slightly bitter taste of ordinary matcha extract. It is also a development direction that Ito En company tries to integrate matcha with the younger generation.

Taste: vegetal, umami, and slightly sweet.

8. Bubble Tea Inotea Matcha Green Tea Latte

Bubble Tea Inotea
4.3/5 stars

Brand name: INOTEA

Matcha green tea latte is a new flavor developed by DD & B Solutions LLC for its bubble tea product line. It is a combination that has gained popularity and proven delicious thanks to its popularity. It includes the balanced and delicious taste of milk tea, also the nutritious and refreshing taste of matcha. The convenience that this product offers is a determining factor that this is a successful product.

Taste: light fat, tea aroma, and slightly sweet.

Enjoy the list above and choose your favorite flavor. Combining these drinks with cakes is also a fascinating thing that you should try.

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