How to make Matcha [Infographic]


How to make Matcha [Infographic]

Matcha green tea is a famous Japanese tea known to be part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Today, this drink is popular all over the world with many different versions. Even so, the attention to the original recipe of Matcha tea has never diminished. This style of enjoyment is associated with Japanese culture and contains in it the polite values that this country wants to convey. Let’s discover how to have a delicious and nutritious Matcha tea with the infographic below!

Here are some links to materials that you can buy to make Matcha at home:

  1. Chawan
  2. Chashaku
  3. Chasen
  4. Japanese Matcha Ceremony Accessory


The above information simulates how to make matcha and is not part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

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